About - Curtis Geary

Curtis Geary

Ocean guide and freedive photographer.

      Originally from Northern California, I moved to Maui in 2009 with a one way ticket and a bag of clothes. It's worked out so far. ;)

      I began playing around with cameras as a teenager and received my first film SLR as a high school graduation gift. My first dip below the ocean surface was during open water scuba certification in the chilly waters of Monterey Bay when I was 15. 

      Some time after moving to Hawaii, I met some people who were ocean minded and we went snorkeling by some underwater caves and lava tubes. My 10 year old scuba gear and lack of skills could barely get me down to 30 feet and back. But I had discovered freediving...and I was hooked. 

      Since then, I have taken several courses through, Fii, Freedive Instructors International, to become a better and safer freediver, but also to increase my comfort and enjoyment level in the water. It has given me a deeper connection with the ocean and I have met many like minded people who share similar passions.

       I currently work for Hawaiian Paddle Sports, a highly rated, eco-certified, ocean activity company here on the island of Maui. It is where I see, learn about, and teach to others a lot of what I post here and on Instagram

      My camera is a Sony RX-100 Mk I in an aluminum Recsea dive housing. Many of my pictures are taken with a 28mm wide angle conversion lens attached, especially those over/under shots. 

Feel free to contact me for questions or more info. 




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